Walle has been active in a number of community service and human rights organizations including Rotary International and the Nigerians In Diaspora Organization. He was named one of Indy’s Best & Brightest - Top 10 in Technology, for his professional accomplishment including his work with the community, how he positively affects others around him, and demonstrates leadership qualities in the workplace and community.

In addition, he was featured in the prestigious International Center of Indianapolis’ New Faces at the Crossroads: The World in Central Indiana, a book illustrating the colorful array of cultures and customs in central Indiana.

Discussion guide

Women Give 2020 raises questions about how we envision community in the digital age. If giving occurs more and more online, how can nonprofits build relationships and develop trust with donors? What does community look like online and how do people stay connected? Givelify, a mobile app founded in 2013 by Walle Mafolasire, is one example of innovative approaches to these questions.

Givelify was designed to help people give in the moment from wherever they are, especially to congregations. For example, if a congregant is sick and unable to attend services, the congregant can still contribute to the offering via the app. Givelify also recognizes that as younger generations already conduct routine activities on their mobile device, giving to their faith-based organization in the same way is a logical step. Givelify’s expanded definition of community is welcoming and inclusive.



  1. How do you define community? Do people have to be physically present to be part of the community?
  2. What online communities are you part of? Have you created or joined new online communities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? What is important to you about being part of a community both online and off?
  3. Givelify promotes an expanded definition of community by inviting people to join the community wherever they are. How does this notion of community resonate with you?
  4. When you give online, how important is it for you to be part of a community related to the cause you support? How do you want the nonprofit to recognize and engage you?
  5. What are the possibilities for philanthropy of an expanded definition of community?